Creative Writing For Kids, A Great Endeavour!

Creative Writing For Kids, A Great Endeavour!
by Rui Lim

If you are one of the many parents who are seeking ways of helping your kids learn creative writing, and want them to enjoy writing, you are not alone! Writing is an essential life-skill and creative writing in personal letter, blog or research paper form can help students in all aspects of their lives.

creative writing for kidsThere are various incentives parents can use to encourage creative writing for kids and one of them is with regard to their particular interests and everyday lives – a daily journal! The main point is to guide them into a creative writing habit and therefore, it is not important what their creative writing relates to, provided they are writing something! A daily journal should not concentrate too much on grammar, punctuation and spelling, which can be introduced at a later stage.

The criteria at this stage of creative writing are to stimulate a flow of thought and ideas, as well as allowing kids to enjoy themselves while writing. As they start with creative writing the imagination will be activated as woould an awareness of self expression. It becomes their personal world, and with this creative writing is a means of release for kids’ frustrations and conflicts. Children can become lost in themselves while writing, and this form of creative writing should become a regular exercise. You could even use this as a method of self-imposing their particular ambitions and goals in life!

Various research conducted has shown that for many children, especially boys, the concept of creative writing does not produce any degree of enthusiastic response. It is therefore essential that they are motivated to appreciate the value of what they have written and that it is their own creation. Creative writing for kids can be a means of freedom and release that is not yet influenced by the turbulence of adulthood. This is a stage of their lives where their imagination and inherent creative writing abilities can be brought to the forefront.

With correct guidance in creative writing, kids can transfer their imagination into the creative sphere. It is also means of introducing them to the process of logical thinking, as well as providing them with a valuable learning and communication tool. Various studies conducted revealed that those who have been exposed to creative writing at an early stage, have a tendency to excel in a wide variety of professions.

These professions, it was discovered, generally involve expression and imagination. In addition, those who have experienced creative writing as kids tend to achieve an enhanced academic record, in subjects that again relate to capabilities in expression. Encouraging creative writing in kids has in many cases resulted in extraordinary surprises. Children are frequently amazing and original storytellers, because they do not fear failure or ridicule of their work. Their creative writing is full of expression and uninhibited, because of the lack of preconceived notions.

Creative writing for kids is an adventure for everyone concerned and is something that can lead to amazing developments in the future!

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