Illiteracy in Alameda County… (Quiet as It’s Kept)

Illiteracy as a State of Being

Burdened by illiteracy, an elderly man enters a primary school because he was denied a basic education as a child in the movie called The First Grader.  Now, in his late years, he receives a letter in the mail and all he wants is to be able to read it. He holds it in his hands but all he can do is look blankly down on the rows of letters.  It does not seem that he wants very much; just to read a simple letter.  And yet, the unsettling truth is that many people live their lives engulfed by illiteracy.

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Fictional Writer, Carrie Bradshaw, on The Pen Versus Love

Writing About Love is a Universal Effort

Every great writer, fictional writer or a real-life professional writer, has tried his or her hand Fictional Writer Carrier Bradshow - Sarah Jessica Parkerat writing about love at one point or another. It has become a topic that stands as an epic abstract and a measure that determines whether or not you go into the hall of fame for writing. All great writers from William Shakespeare to Jane Austin are known for their superb ability for writing about Love Almighty. As a professional writer, myself, even I have tried to craft a love poem from time to time. Continue reading